About Us

About AC Matilda Enterprise

Ac Matilda Enterprise is a Fashion and Entertainment management company based in Dublin, Ireland.
For over 5 years we have organised several high profile events, including IRARA – International Runway Achievers and Recognition Awards
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  • We empower Event Management students and professionals by:
    1. making things easier to manage the complexity of events
    2. networking, collaboration and connecting people to successful events
  • To prevent diabetes and improve the lives of the people affected by diabetes.

    A society free of diabetes and and with the slogan: “Check your blood sugar level now!”, to help propagate the information about diabetes and all its intricacies, is the dream of the AC Matilda Enterprise and the AC Matilda Diabetes Projects


    We will contest for skills and abilities to to create an in-house Event Management platform that is loyal and durable, achieved through Leadership and Entertainment and will provide a space for Event professionals to work with ease.


  • We value our people; We encourage their development and growth; We reward performance
  • We develop healthy relationships that make positive differences in our communities
  • We provide a platform for business networking and marketing of products.
  • We exhibit high integrity when dealing with participants and businesses.
  • We demonstrate the will to succeed in every aspect of our activities and have acquired the Lion’s share of the Marketplace.